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From transgender and trend.


transtrender (plural transtrenders)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A person who changes their gender identity as a fad, without experiencing any gender-related dysphoria.
    • 2014, National Women's Studies Association, 2014 NWSA Conference Program: Feminist Transgressions, November 13-16, 2014, San Juan, Puerto Rico, page 198:
      Through the Tumblr interface, trans men are able to share their transition processes, utilize transition-related blogs, search for information and images using the "FTM" tag, and give advice to other transmasculine people. However, these conversations often reproduce hegemonic conceptions of masculinity, perpetuating white supremacy, heterosexism, and the idea of a "transtrender" fad.
    • 2015, Oliver Karcher, Gender neutral label "Mx." adopted by dictionary (in The Vanguard, volume 57, issue 7, p.13)
      Forums have even developed a term for the whole trend on gender, molding together the two words trend and transgender to make "transtrender." So the people who adopt the prefix "Mx." into their daily vernacular and decide to go by the term, might be deemed a "transtrender."