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Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /tɹɔːˈmɑː.tæ/


traumata pl

  1. plural form of trauma
    • 1885: Hugo Ziemssen, Handbook of diseases of the skin, p629
      But the traumata merely act then as exciting causes.
    • 1921: Robert Bing & Charles Lewis Allen, A Textbook of nervous diseases for students and practicing physicians: In Thirty Lectures, p84
      As exciting causes, psychic traumata, exposure to cold, the puerperium, excesses, have been brought forward.
    • 1985: Clark University (Worcester, Massachusetts), Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs, p158 & p182
      …analysts often seek magically to explain his specific acts by tracing them to particular infantile traumata. Rather than trying to understand the patient as a whole, they concentrate on why he made a specific slip of the tongue or dreamed an individual dream.
      In the first place, no one denies that infantile traumata and fixations may sometimes be at the root of adult neuroses; the question is: Is this always so?
    • 2004: Steven Connor, The Book of Skin, p123
      Like the words ‘trauma’ and ‘traumata’, the word ‘stigmata’ seems to exercise its functions unacknowledged in writings about hysteria and allied conditions…