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From Latin trīcēnārius, equivalent to tricenary +‎ -an.


tricenarian (plural tricenarians)

  1. The highest rank and pay grade for prefectures in Ancient Rome
    • 1983, The Journal of Library History - Volume 18, page 154:
      Following the reign of Scptimius Severus (193-211), the emperor's patrimonium, his personal properties, was merged with a new department, the ratio privata (private accounts) headed by the magister rationis summae privatae at the tricenarian level.
    • 2008, Jörg Rüpke, David Richardson, Fasti Sacerdotum: A Prosopography of Pagan, Jewish, and Christian Religious Officials in the City of Rome, 300 BC to AD 499:
      In the honorific inscription CIL to his son-in-law he is described as vir perfectissimae memoriae, and thus must have risen to tricenarian rank.
    • 2010, Michael Gagarin, Elaine Fantham, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, →ISBN, page 101:
      At first there were three pay levels: sexagenarian (sixty thousand sesterces), centernarian (one hundred thousand sesterces), and duocenarian (two hundred thousand sesterces). At the end of the second century a fourth level was added, tricenarian (three hundred thousand sesterces). The procurators never went higher than duocenarian; the directors of imperial offices, originally at the duocenarian level, were raised to tricenarian.
  2. A person in their thirties, a person aged between 30 and 39 years (inclusive).
    Synonym: thirtysomething
    • 2011, 2206 : Window Onto A New World, page 203:
      « I sure hope so » agreed the tricenarian, « it would be a real shame to have been on this island without having really seen its treasures » he observed, his attitude revealing that he actually expected the unsatisfactory outcome.
    • 2019, Elderberry's Outlet, Warning Official Tricenarian, →ISBN:
      (see title) Celebrate 30 to 39 years old and show your love for the best dad, daddy, mom, mother, stepdad, papa, stepmom, uncle, aunt godmother or godfather ever with this themed Thirty 3Oth Gifts Tricenarian birthday notebook planner.
    • 2019, Logan Hunder, Astro-Nuts, →ISBN:
      It was that sentiment that attracted freshly minted thirty-year-old Pia Dickenson. Seventeen divorces in such a milestone year had left the blonde-haired and rosy-cheeked tricenarian with ample emotional baggage, along with a discontent toward her use of her youthful years spelled out in scarlet letters.

Coordinate terms[edit]