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From trij (three[obl. form]) +‎ -nieks.


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trijnieks m[[Category:|TRIJNIEKS]][[Category:|TRIJNIEKS]] (1st declension)

  1. three, number three (digit or figure)
    uzrakstīt trijnieku‎ ― to write the number three (i.e., 3)
    aplūkosim, piemēram, skaitli 593, kura pirmajā kārtā ir trijnieks‎ ― let us consider, for example, the number 593, in whose first position is the (digit) three
  2. three (C, satisfactory, a school grade)
    institūtu pabeidza bez neviena trijnieka‎ ― he finished college without a single three (= he only had better grades)
  3. something with the number three on it
    pīķa trijnieks‎ ― the three of spades (playing card)
  4. three (people, animals, objects) together, a trio; a sports team consisting of three people
    man ir trijnieks rokā‎ ― I have a set of three (nuts) in my hand


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