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Chrysallis virgata virgata
is a subspecies of the species Chrysallis virgata. The fact that the third name in the trinomen is the same as the second suggests that it is the first form described, or a "typical" Chrysallis virgata
Giving Chrysallis virgata dryas a different third name in the trinomen may suggest (but does not guarantee) that it differs from specimens originally described as Chrysallis virgata. Here the colour pattern contrasts with Chrysallis virgata virgata.


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trinomen (plural trinomina)

  1. (taxonomy, zoology) A scientific name at the rank of subspecies: an expansion of a binomial name (a genus and a species) combined with the name of the subspecies; for example Anopheles gigas formosus or Homo sapiens sapiens.
    • 1993 May 10, Ke Chung Kim, Bruce A. McPheron, Evolution of Insect Pests: Patterns of Variation[1], John Wiley, →ISBN, page 458:
      The subspecies (trinomen) is the only infraspecific taxon so recognized by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature... However, the category of subspecies has not been widely used in entomology, because, in most cases, the level of population differentiation within a species is not clearly determined and subspecies populations are difficult to identify.


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