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Alternative forms[edit]


From Sanskrit त्रिशूल (triśūla).


trisula (plural trisulas)

  1. A trident, seen as a religious symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism.
    • 1894, Eugène Goblet d'Alviella, The Migration of Symbols:
      It may be wondered, at first sight, that the innumerable texts left by Buddhism give us no positive information with regard to the meaning and origin of the trisula.
    • 2004, Khushwant Singh, Burial at Sea, Penguin, page 96:
      She had a trishul in one hand. Her long raven-black hair was left loose.
    • 2014, Micah Issitt; ‎Carlyn Main, Hidden Religion, page 168:
      The trishula is most commonly associated with the god Shiva, one of the most prominent Hindu deities and the primary god in the sect of Hinduism known as "Shaivism."