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Borrowing from German Trulle.


trull (plural trulls)

  1. A female prostitute or harlot.
    • 1749, Henry Fielding, Tom Jones, Folio Society 1973, p. 365:
      ‘Hark'ee, child,’ says she, ‘is not that very young gentleman now in bed with some nasty trull or other?’
    • 1888, Rudyard Kipling, ‘Dray Wara Yow Dee’, Black and White, Folio Society 2004, vol. 1, p. 369:
      South of Delhi, Sahib, you know the saying—‘Rats are the men and trulls the women.’
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses:
      There was bad blood between them at first, says Mr Vincent, and the lord Harry called farmer Nicholas all the old Nicks in the world and an old whoremaster that kept seven trulls in his house and I’ll meddle in his matters, says he.