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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Russian царе́вич (carévič).


  • IPA(key): /ˈ(t)sɑːɹəvɪtʃ/, /ˈzɑːɹəvɪtʃ/, (stress as Russian) /(t)sɑːˈɹɛvɪtʃ/
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tsarevich (plural tsareviches or tsarevichi)

  1. A son of a tsar, a prince in Russia or Bulgaria.
  2. The firstborn son of a tsar
  3. The tsesarevich (crown prince of the Russia Empire)

Usage notes[edit]

In English texts, the term tsarevich is commonly used where the more specific term tsesarevich is more appropriate. The two titles are distinct words with different meanings. Tsarevich was the title for any son (not only the heir apparent or presumptive) of any tsar (not only tsars of the Russian Empire). Tsesarevich was the title for the heir apparent or presumptive of the Emperor of Russia; the title Tsar was by then no longer used.