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A verbalized form of tulks (translator, interpreter) (q.v.), first attested in 18th-century sources.[1]


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tulkot tr., 2nd conj., pres. tulkoju, tulko, tulko, past tulkoju

  1. to translate (to change, transfer text, sentences, words, etc. from one language into another)
    tulkot no oriģināla — to translate from the original
    tulkot grāmatu latviski — to translate a book (into) Latvian
    tulkot rakstu angļu valodā — to translate an article into the English language
    tulkotā literatūratranslated literature
    tulkojošā vārdnīca — bilingual (lit. translating) dictionary
  2. to interpret, to explain, to understand (the meaning of something)
    tulkot zemtekstu — to interpret, explain the subtext
    kā lai tādu pareģojumu tulko? — how should one interpret such a prophecy?


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