tummy tuck

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tummy tuck (plural tummy tucks)

  1. (informal, surgery) An abdominoplasty.
    • 2008 October, Mark Jenkins, “Need surgery? Call a travel agent”, in Men's Health, volume 23, number 8, →ISSN, page 152:
      Rupak says that 45 percent of his clients undergo nonemergency, nonelective surgeries (such as knee, shoulder, back, and hip operations), while 30 percent have cosmetic procedures (tummy tucks, breast enlargements, and facelifts.)
    • 2023 March 7, Natalie Kitroeff, Maria Abi-Habib, Jack Nicas, Jacey Fortin, “A Trip to Mexico Ends in a Kidnapping and the Deaths of 2 Americans”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      MEXICO CITY — Zalayna Grant last spoke to her brother on Thursday, when he told her he was driving to Mexico with a group of friends — one of them was planning to get a tummy tuck there.

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