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Irregular derivation from tundma +‎ -stama. Cognate to Finnish tunnistaa. See also tunnustama.


tunnistama (da-infinitive tunnistada)

  1. to admit
    Tunnistan, et eksisin.
    I admit that I made a mistake.
  2. to confess
    Tunnistasin preestrile oma patte.
    I confessed my sins to the priest.
  3. to recognise
    Ta ei tunnista keisri võimu.
    He doesn't recognise the emperor's power.
  4. to proselytise, to missionise
    Ta tunnistas külades oma jumalat.
    He proselytised of his God in the villages.
  5. to testify
    Homme ma lähen tema vastu tunnistama
    I'll go to testify against him tomorrow.
  6. to be proven (in court)
    Mees tunnistati mõrvas süüdi
    The man was proven guilty of murder.