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From Middle English toord, tord, from Old English tord ‎(piece of excrement, dung, filth), from Proto-Germanic *turdą ‎(mud, manure), from Proto-Indo-European *der- ‎(to split, flay). Cognate with Middle Dutch tord ‎(lump of excrement), Old High German zort ‎(dung, excrement), Old Norse torð- ‎(dung-, in compounds), Old English tyrdel ‎(dropping, small piece of excrement). More at tear, treddle.



turd ‎(plural turds)

  1. (mildly vulgar) A piece of solid animal or human feces.
    I went to the toilet to drop a turd.
  2. A pejorative term, typically directed at a person.

Usage notes

Whether it should be considered an especially vulgar insult is subject to judgment, but certainly it would have a broader acceptability than many vulgarities in common use today.