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From turkey +‎ -ling.


turkeyling (plural turkeylings)

  1. A young or little turkey; a poult.
    • 1872, Making of America Project, Harper's magazine:
      As he spoke, another cruel rap, a faint peep, and a third turkeyling lay stretched upon the green. The hen-mother by this time had taken the alarm, and hastily called off the remainder of her family.
    • 1926, Louise Imogen Guiney, Grace Cecily Guiney, Letters of Louise Imogen Guiney:
      "How are the turkeylings?" says I. "One of 'em's going to die."
    • 1987, Animal fairy tales:
      The drake beamed at his children and wagged his stumpy tail proudly. "Well done! What a fine family you've given me. Good grief! That's not one of mine!" [...] large, ugly brother. "He's a turkeyling! " "Of course he. The Ugly Duckling.
    • 2011, Brent Zimmerman, Get Your Goat:
      The four turkeylings traveled in a bigger, heavier box. About a third of the way up the mountain, it started to pour. I was soaked. Worse, the turkeys were soaked. Turkeylings are notorious for being delicatissima.