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Alternative forms[edit]


From the verb phrase turn around.



turnaround (countable and uncountable, plural turnarounds)

  1. The act of turning to face in the other direction.
    The basketball player made a turnaround jump shot
  2. A reversal of policy.
  3. The time required to carry out a task.
    They tried to reduce their turnaround on incoming paperwork.
  4. A turnabout; a reversal of circumstances.
    • 2012 May 5, Phil McNulty, “Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Drogba's goal early in the second half - his fourth in this Wembley showpiece - proved decisive as the remarkable turnaround in Chelsea's fortunes under interim manager Roberto di Matteo was rewarded with silverware.
  5. (music) A cadence linking the end of a verse to the beginning of the next.
  6. (music) The notation for the addition of a grace note above then below a given note.
  7. (US, historical) Synonym of goback
  8. The scheduled shutdown of an industrial plant, such as an oil rig, for maintenance and testing.

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