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type +‎ writer

An electric typewriter from the 1960s


A manual typewriter from the early twentieth century


typewriter (plural typewriters)

  1. A device, at least partially mechanical, used to print text by pressing keys that cause type to be impressed through an inked ribbon onto paper.
  2. (archaic) One who uses a typewriter; a typist.
    • 1953, Mike Harris, The Southpaw:
      The typewriter got up and disappeared out a back door, and soon she come back with a man, and he said, "Can I be of some help, Mr. Higgens?"
  3. (US, dated, slang) A machine gun (from the noise it makes when firing).
    • Fredric Brown
      "Why, any day I'd go up against a typewriter, with a forty-five. One shot I'd need and there'd be time for three while he was getting that damn' thing swung around and pointed —"


  • (one who uses a typewriter): typist

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