uilleann piper

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A partial translation of the Irish píobairí uilleann, or from uilleann pipes.


uilleann piper (plural uilleann pipers)

  1. One who plays uilleann pipes.
    • 1999, Fintan Vallely, The companion to Irish traditional music, page 38:
      Associated with The Long Note, he became its producer in 1978, in this series devoting time to documentary features, such as that on nineteenth-century uilleann piper and composer, Johnny Patterson.
    • 2001, June Skinner Sawyers, Celtic music: a complete guide, page 106:
      A twentieth-century master uilleann piper and mentor of many of today's finest pipers.
    • 2004, Claire McKenna, A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Tin Whistle, page 41:
      He went on to become one of Ireland's foremost uilleann pipers [...]
      2008, Jo Sprague, Douglas Stuart, David Bodary, The Speaker's Handbook, page 157:
      Uilleann bagpipes in Ireland differ from Scottish pipes in that the uilleann piper uses bellows under the arm to keep the bag full rather than blowing into the bag.