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un- +‎ accept


unaccept (third-person singular simple present unaccepts, present participle unaccepting, simple past and past participle unaccepted)

  1. (rare) To rescind one's acceptance of.
    • 1998, Rethinking intuition: the psychology of intuition (Michael Raymond DePaul, William M. Ramsey), page 49:
      Of course, they were free to unaccept that idea, but unacceptance was a secondary, deliberate revision of an initially accepted belief.
    • 2000, in Talking Nets: An Oral History of Neural Networks (James A. Anderson, Edward Rosenfeld), page 369:
      I got this offer in California about an hour after I accepted Rosenfeld's job, so I called him right back. I was calling him about two or three hours after I'd accepted the job — to unaccept it. He was absolutely outraged.