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un- +‎ bendable


unbendable (comparative more unbendable, superlative most unbendable)

  1. not bendable
    • 1890, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain:
      No one would have originated the idea of piecing together several bits of hard unbendable material, and giving them elasticity by means of sinews or hide, unless they had previously been acquainted with the use of the plain bow.
    • 1960, Florence Dakin, Ella M. Thompson, Simplified Nursing: The Essentials of Practical Nursing:
      It takes expert, trained hands to handle a fracture; a board or thick, unbendable material under or next to the fractured part should be applied as a splint before the part is moved.
    • 2003, Beverly Barton, The Princess's Bodyguard:
      Or at least some hard, unbendable material. Steel? Or something even more sturdy? Some new high-tech material that was indestructible? Matt wasn't sure.