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uncompromising (comparative more uncompromising, superlative most uncompromising)

  1. Inflexible and unwilling to negotiate or make concessions.
    • 1959, Georgette Heyer, chapter 1, in The Unknown Ajax:
      But Richmond, his grandfather's darling, after one thoughtful glance cast under his lashes at that uncompromising countenance appeared to lose himself in his own reflections.
    • 2014 November 14, Stephen Halliday, “Scotland 1-0 Republic of Ireland: Maloney the hero”, in The Scotsman[1]:
      The visitors, who surprisingly dropped their talismanic record goalscorer Robbie Keane from their starting line-up for a competitive game for the first time in 13 years, adopted a direct and uncompromising approach.
  2. Principled.