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Latin ordinal numbers
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    Cardinal : ūndecim
    Ordinal : ūndecimus


From ūndecim 'eleven'



ūndecimus m (feminine ūndecima, neuter ūndecimum); first/second declension

  1. (ordinal) eleventh
    • 8 CE, Ovid, Metamorphoses 11.97–98
      et iam stellarum sublime coegerat agmen Lucifer undecimus.
      and now the stars were driven away by the eleventh dawn.


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative ūndecimus ūndecima ūndecimum ūndecimī ūndecimae ūndecima
genitive ūndecimī ūndecimae ūndecimī ūndecimōrum ūndecimārum ūndecimōrum
dative ūndecimō ūndecimō ūndecimīs
accusative ūndecimum ūndecimam ūndecimum ūndecimōs ūndecimās ūndecima
ablative ūndecimō ūndecimā ūndecimō ūndecimīs
vocative ūndecime ūndecima ūndecimum ūndecimī ūndecimae ūndecima


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