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un- +‎ emancipated


unemancipated (comparative more unemancipated, superlative most unemancipated)

  1. Not emancipated.
    • 1873, Various, Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science[1]:
      Outside lay emancipated Berrytown, to unemancipated Kitty only a dumb panorama: inside, her meals, her lessons and perpetual consultations with her mother on bias folds and gussets while they made their dresses or sewed for the Indian missions.
    • 1912, Edmond Holmes, What Is and What Might Be[2]:
      The first reason is that the unemancipated teacher instinctively does to-day what he did twenty years ago, and that twenty years ago, when children were examined in reading from their own books, the teacher heard them read aloud, day after day in order that he might make sure that they knew their books well enough to pass the inspector's test.