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Blend of unicorn +‎ Pegasus


unipeg (plural unipegs)

  1. (informal) A winged unicorn.
    • 1999 January 27, Twyligtsky, “Re: the inn”, in alt.mythology.mythic-animals, Usenet[1], message-ID <19990126223406.16200.00003652@ng126.aol.com>:
      The balck[sic] and silver unipeg lands and folds his wings remebering[sic] the big earth drac.
    • 2004, Hibbett, Myles Brandon, Zephyr Spheres and the Lost Spell, Lincoln: iUniverse, →ISBN, page 49:
      But, I think it will be too risky to try and steal horses, unipegs, pegasi, or unicorns. There are spells cast on the animals to keep track of them.
    • 2011 October 24, Burgos-Diaz, Mercedes, Meenah, the Mystical Princess of Zantel, Bloomington: iUniverse, →ISBN, OL 25228959M, page 20:
      As she whistled the horse, which Aries said was a Unipeg, which was a combination of a Pegasus and a unicorn landed right there smack in front of Mary it just landed and stared her right in the eyes.
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