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un- +‎ patronized


unpatronized (not comparable)

  1. Not patronized.
    • 1825, Samuel Johnson, The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D, In Nine Volumes[1]:
      He now found one of his most frequent visitants accusing him of treason, in hopes of sharing his confiscation; yet, unpatronized and unsupported, he cleared himself by the openness of innocence, and the consistence of truth; he was dismissed with honour, and his accuser perished in prison.
    • 1913, Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom[2]:
      The policy of freeing the country from the restrictive tariff will so variegate and multiply the undertakings in the country that there will be a wider market and a greater competition for labor; it will let the sun shine through the clouds again as once it shone on the free, independent, unpatronized intelligence and energy of a great people.