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un- +‎ substantive


unsubstantive (comparative more unsubstantive, superlative most unsubstantive)

  1. (grammar) Not having the form of a noun.
  2. Not having any material substance.
    • 2006, Walter Reinhart Tschinkel, The Fire Ants, page 103:
      Nests are formed by the removal of soil to create an unsubstantive space.
  3. (by extension) Not having any factual substance.
    • 2009 January 16, Nicholas Watt and Patrick Wintour, “To deliver a low-carbon economy you have got to have a vision”, in The Guardian:
      Labour dismisses Cameron's interest in the environment as a cynical and unsubstantive part of his attempt to decontaminate the Tory brand.