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untrue +‎ -ism


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untruism (plural untruisms)

  1. Something not true; a false statement.
    • 1878, Anthony Trollope, The warden and Barchester Towers: Volume 1, page 262
      No one but a preaching clergyman can revel in platitudes, truisms, and untruisms, and yet receive, as his undisputed privilege, the same respectful demeanour as though words of impassioned eloquence, or persuasive logic, fell from his lips.
    • 1982, Jonathan Barnes, The Presocratic Philosophers, page 132
      Parmenides' philosophy rests, if I am right, on an untruism; it is some slight consolation that his was by no means the last system to be built on such a sandy foundation.
    • 1993, Roy Sorenson, Pseudo-Problems, page 118
      This fickle oscillation is often precipitated by the chameleon-like quality of 'untruisms': 'An untruism is an ambiguous sentence
    • 2005, Richard Kraut, Steven Skultety, Aristotle's Politics, page 201
      Aristotle's implicit totalitarianism rests ultimately on a questionable inference from a metaphysical untruism.