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un- +‎ wept


unwept (not comparable)

  1. Not wept.
    • 1894, Laurence Binyon, Lyric Poems:
      Wish those nights not spent, / Long, unhappy nights, / Which in sighings went / Over lost delights? / Wish those tears unwept, / When you seemed unkind?
  2. Unmourned.
    • 1843, Charles Dickens, chapter 3, in A Christmas Carol:
      A pale light, rising in the outer air, fell straight upon the bed; and on it, plundered and bereft, unwatched, unwept, uncared for, was the body of this man.
    • 1894, Edmund Vance Cooke, A Patch of Pansies:
      Let fall thy tears! Let rise thy strain! / So canst thou never be among / Those heritors of man's disdain, / Th' unwept, unhonored, and unsung.