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From un- +‎ workable.


unworkable (comparative more unworkable, superlative most unworkable)

  1. Not workable or operable; not practical; unmanageable.

Derived terms[edit]



unworkable (plural unworkables)

  1. Something that is not workable, or cannot be made to work.
    • 1983, Lawrence David Brown, Politics and Health Care Organization: HMOs as Federal Policy:
      The building of the consensus group, however, forced these interests to distinguish annoying features of the law from unworkable ones, and the list of the unworkables steadily dwindled.
    • 2004, Don Aslett, The Office Clutter Cure (page 44)
      We all have some secret little hope that the unworkables will be resurrected. You haven't seen any of the occupants of the pyramids pull this off yet, nor will you see any use for old, outdated, dead office stuff.
    • 2011, Terry Kay, Bogmeadow's Wish (page 33)
      His effort at maintaining a casual relationship was one of the unworkables in his life. Ealy had once observed that friends may become lovers, but lovers could never be friends.