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up for

  1. (idiomatic) Willing to participate in; interested in.
    Are you up for a trip to the library today?
    • 2011 January 18, Joe Lovejoy, “Cardiff City 0 Stoke City 2”, in Guardian Online[1]:
      Neither team were up for this third-round replay, their lack of enthusiasm betrayed by 16 changes from the line-ups they used in league combat at the weekend.
  2. (idiomatic) Being or due to be evaluated, inspected, judged, considered, sold, etc., in the stated circumstances or by the stated method.
    He is up for reelection next year, so he will try to control his image.
    He is up for second degree murder.
    It's still up for debate.
    She put her jewelry up for auction.
    My car is up for sale.

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