up the duff

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Possibly related to in the pudding club (duff is a type of pudding).

Prepositional phrase[edit]

up the duff

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, colloquial, slang) Pregnant.
    • 1994, The Daily Telegraph, quoted in 2005, Judith Siefring (editor), The Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, 2nd Edition, paperback, page 88,
      At 19, he was married (‘only because she was up the duff’ he explains gallantly).
    • 1998, Tracey Ullman, Tracey Takes On..., page 98,
      “Well, when he found out that my gran was up the duff, he went back to his native Norway (or it might have been Sweden) [] .”
    • 1999, Irvine Welsh, Filth, page 191,
      It just means that some daft wee hairy that gets knocked up the duff has tae get oan the bus tae Carlisle tae get cleaned oot.
    • 2008, Sam de Brito, The Lost Boys, page 14,
      The great coalface of fuckwits; the fly-by-nighters, who do their five years in Bondi, befriend a Roosters player, get a good coke dealer, meet some tight westie bitch who′s moved here while she works a job in PR, they fall in love, she gets up the duff and then they have to buy a house in Condell Park and they′re gone [] .

Usage notes[edit]

  • Possibly offensive to pregnant women. Usage may imply that the pregnancy is unplanned and/or unwanted.