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uphold +‎ -atory



upholdatory (not comparable)

  1. (rare, obsolete, nonce word) upholding, supporting, sustaining (without verbal force)
    • 1829: Thomas Moore, Memoirs, Friday the 16th of January entry
      16 [Friday] — Walked over to Bowood dinner — Lord L. showed me after dinner a letter he had received from Lord Anglesey, explaining the circumstances that led to his recall & to the publication of his letter to Curtis — very well written, & both the style & the feeling showing him to have been fully capable of the letter to the Archbishop — one word in it rather an odd coinage — “upholdatory of his government” — set off at nine for the Ball — the Houltons there, looking very handsome — Kerry, all happiness & I tant soi peu ennuyé — Got to Bowood between 2 & 3 — my intention was to return home, but Lady L. persuaded me to stay & sleep.