use one's head

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use one's head

  1. (idiomatic) To think carefully, especially as an alternative to being guided by one's emotions.
    • 1918, Stephen Leacock, "Back from the Land" in Frenzied Fiction:
      He never—so they agreed—uses his head. He never—I think I have their phrase correct—stops to think.
    • 1957, Joyce Jackson, "Guide to Dating," Toledo Blade, p. 35, 13 March:
      When a girl falls in love, after first using her head to find a suitable mate to fall in love with, it is such a wonderful feeling.
    • 2007, Chris Thornton, "A Belfast Father's Vindication," Time, 23 Jan.:
      Bound by that commitment, he used his head, channeling his rage into a determination to bring the killers to justice.
  2. (humorous) To headbutt.