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ut +‎ bilda



utbilda (present utbildar, preterite utbildade, supine utbildat, imperative utbilda)

  1. to educate, to instruct, to train
  2. to develop, to shape, to convert
    en fullt utbildad tumör
    a fully developed tumor
    General Electric utbildade en ny snabbströmbrytare för högspänning
    General Electric developed a new high-speed switch for high voltage
    Krönet är 360 m. långt och 14 m. brett samt utbildat till landsväg.
    The crest (of the Hoover dam) is 360 metres long and 14 metres wide and utilized as (turned into) a road.
    den s. k. oljefilmen, som utbildar sig mellan glidytorna
    the so-called oil film, that forms between the interacting surfaces

Usage notes[edit]

  • The sense to develop was in frequent use in technical literature in the 1930s


Related terms[edit]