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From Proto-Germanic *wihslōną, equivalent to växel +‎ -a.


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växla (present växlar, preterite växlade, supine växlat, imperative växla)

  1. to (cause to) switch, to (cause to) change (between more-or-less discrete things)
    växla till en annan flik i webbläsaren
    switch to another tab in the web browser
    Tryck på Tabb för att växla mellan celler
    Press Tab to switch between cells
    Vädret kan växla snabbt
    The weather can change quickly
    Vädret växlar från dag till dag
    The weather changes from day to day
    växlande molnighet
    partly cloudy ("switching/changing cloudiness")
    växlande humör
    mood shifts ("switching/changing mood")
  2. to exchange
    växla några ord med någon
    exchange a few words with someone
    växla blickar
    exchange glances
    1. to exchange (money)
      Var kan man växla pengar?
      Where can you exchange money?
      Kan du växla mina mynt till sedlar?
      Can you exchange my coins for bills?
      1. to break, to make change
        Kan du växla en tusenlapp?
        Can you break a thousand kronor bill? (Do you have change for a thousand kronor bill?)
  3. to switch (a train towards its destination)
  4. to switch (a telephone call to its destination)
  5. to shift gears (in a car)
    Motorn går på för låga varv. Du måste växla ner.
    The engine is running at too low RPM. You need to shift down.
  6. (figuratively) to put more (or less) energy into an activity
    Valkampanjen växlar upp
    The election campaign is shifting to a higher gear

Usage notes[edit]

Usually implies constant changes in the present participle "växlande" in (sense 1). "Varying" is another possible translation.


Related terms[edit]