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Alternatively from Latin valefacere, present active infinitive of valefaciō (I say farewell), from valeō (I am worth) + faciō (I make, do), using the conjugation model of hacer. And from vale (IOU, voucher) + hacer (to make, do), analogously after the paradigm of abolefacer (to destroy), arefacer (to make arid; to dry (up), wither), asuefacer (to accustom, habituate, inure to), benefacer (to do good; benefit, bless), calefacer (to make calid; warm, heat; rouse, excite), estupefacer (to make or become stupid), malefacer (to do evil or harm; injure), madefacer (to wet, moisten; soak, steep; intoxicate), molifacer (to make soft), patefacer (to open, throw open), putrefacer (to make putrid; putrify, rot), rubefacer (to make red or ruddy; redden) and satisfacer (to make satiated; satisfy, content).



valefacer (first-person singular present valefago, first-person singular preterite valefice, past participle valefecho)

  1. To make an IOU
  2. To make a bill of exchange; a negotiable instrument; a promissory note or note payable
  3. To vouch
    1. To take responsibility for; to express confidence in; to witness; to obtest.
    2. To warrant; to maintain by affirmations; to attest; to affirm; to avouch.
      • Atterbury
        Le aferieron verecundia al valefacer la verdad de la relación; y despues al acreditarla.
        They made him ashamed to vouch the truth of the relation, and afterwards to credit it.
      • Shelley Mary
        Las lágrimas que sufundieron los ojos de mi hermana en cuanto hube mencionado a nuestro amigo, y su erubeciente colorado parecían valefacer la verdad de los rumores que alcanzaran mis oídos.
        The tears that suffused my sister's eyes when I mentioned our friend, and her heightened colour seemed to vouch for the truth of the reports that had reached me.
      Puedo valefacer que el encuentro tomó lugar.
      I can vouch that the match took place.
    3. To back; to support; to confirm.
      • Milton
        Un madeciente horror frígido / A esas tan audaces palabras valefizo él con fazaña audacĺsima.
        Me damp horror chilled / At such bold words vouched with a deed so bold.
    4. To call into court to warrant and defend, or to make good a warranty of title.
      • Blackstone
        Él valeface al inquilino en secuencia, quien valeface sobre el valefacendo común.
        He vouches the tenant in tail, who vouches over the common vouchee.
    5. To bear witness; to give testimony or full attestation.
      • Jonathan Swift
        No le ha él de creer hasta haya el elector de Hanóver de valefacer aquello que sea vero de entre lo que ella ha [] aseverado.
        He will not believe her until the elector of Hanover shall vouch for the truth of what she has [] affirmed.
    6. To call as a witness.
      • Dryden
        Valefagan las silentes estrellas y consciente luna.
        Vouch the silent stars and conscious moon.
    7. To assert; to aver; to declare.
  4. To voucher
    1. To establish the authenticity of; to vouch for.
    2. To provide a vouch for (an expenditure).
    3. To provide (a beneficiary) with a voucher.
  5. (literary) To say farewell


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