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Abbreviation of Latin varietās or any of its inflected forms.


var. (plural vars. or varr.)

  1. A variety.
    • 2015 December 9, John F. Pruski; Mesfin Tadesse; Daniel J. Crawford, “Studies of Neotropical Compositae—XI; the new generic name Electranthera (Coreopsideae)”, in Phytoneuron, volume 68 (in English), page 9:
      Electranthera mutica var. carnosifolia has undivided leaves drying resin-streaked thereby resembling E. mutica var. guerreroana. Crawford (1972) noted that populations of suspected hybrids between E. mutica vars. carnosifolia and subvillosa occur at about 1500 meters elevation near the city of Oaxaca.
    • 1989 August 31, Felix Wiedenmayer, “Demospongiae (Porifera) from northern Bass Strait, southern Australia”, in Gary C. B. Poore, editor, Memoirs of the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, volume 50, number 1 (in English), page 122:
      Material examined. Station KG 7, one specimen (F52038); station BSS 187, one specimen (F52039). Type specimens of Euspongia irregularis varr. tenuis, jacksonia, silicata, lutea, villosa, frondosa Lendenfeld (AM and BMNH), and of E. irregularis var. areolata Whitelegge (AM).
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:var..




  1. Abbreviation of variable.
  2. Abbreviation of various.


var. (plural vars.)

  1. Abbreviation of variant.
  2. Abbreviation of variation.
  3. (botany, taxonomy) Abbreviation of variety.
    • 1956, Arthur Harmount Graves, “Ròsa—Rose”, in Illustrated Guide to Trees and Shrubs : A Handbook of the Woody Plants of the Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, revised edition, New York: Dover Publications, published 1992, page 146:
      Some of these roses and other exotic spp. are the parents of our cultivated roses—tea roses, hybrid perpetuals, climbers, ramblers etc.—over 5000 vars. having been named.
  4. Abbreviation of variometer.


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