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Old Spanish[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • uazio (alternative spelling)
  • bazio (alternative spelling)



vazio (feminine singular vazia, masculine plural vazios, feminine plural vazias)

  1. empty
    • c. 1200, Almerich, Fazienda de Ultramar f. 43r:
      e dixol ue e pid uaſos atos uezinos uazios ¬ nó pocos. uernas ¬ cerraras tu puerta tu e tus fijos baziaredes la oliera ſobre todos los baſſos ¬ el pleno toldras
      And he said to her “Go, and ask your neighbors for empty vessels, and not a few. You will come and shut your door. You and your sons will empty the jar of oil over all the vessels and each full [one] you will put away.”


  • Spanish: vacío



Inherited from Old Galician-Portuguese vazio, from Latin vacīvus. Compare Galician and Spanish vacío.



  • Rhymes: -iu
  • Hyphenation: va‧zi‧o


vazio (feminine vazia, masculine plural vazios, feminine plural vazias, comparable, comparative mais vazio, superlative o mais vazio or vaziíssimo)

  1. devoid of content; empty
  2. not significant; insignificant


vazio m (plural vazios)

  1. vacuum (an empty space)
    Synonym: vácuo
  2. (astronomy) void
  3. (figurative) emptiness (state or feeling of being empty)
  4. (familiar) hypochondrium
  5. (in the plural, chiefly animals) flank
    Synonym: ilharga
  6. (Rio Grande do Sul) flank steak
    Synonym: (Brazil) fraldinha
  7. (Trás-os-Montes) young wether (castrated ram)

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