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From vectus.


vectīgal n (genitive vectīgālis); third declension

  1. tax, tribute, revenue
    • Cicero, Paradoxa Stoicorum; Paradox VI, 49
      O di immortales! non intellegunt homines, quam magnum vectigal sit parsimonia.
      O immortal gods! People do not understand how great a revenue parsimony can be.
  2. (figurative) windfall, profit


Third declension neuter “pure” i-stem.

Case Singular Plural
nominative vectīgal vectīgālia
genitive vectīgālis vectīgālium
dative vectīgālī vectīgālibus
accusative vectīgal vectīgālia
ablative vectīgālī vectīgālibus
vocative vectīgal vectīgālia


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