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ver- +‎ leihen



verleihen (class 1 strong, third-person singular simple present verleiht, past tense verlieh, past participle verliehen, past subjunctive verliehe, auxiliary haben)

  1. to award (someone an honor, a medal, etc); to confer (a title or degree upon someone)
    (jemandem) die Doktorwürde verleihen — to confer a doctorate (upon someone)
    Er hat diesem Unteroffizier das Eiserne Kreuz verliehen.
    He awarded the non-commissioned officer the Iron Cross.
  2. to lend (something to someone, for a finite period of time)
    Ich verleihe meine Zahnbürste grundsätzlich nicht.
    On principle, I never lend out my toothbrush.
  3. to vest (a power in someone), to give (a right to someone)
    (jemandem) das Wahlrecht verleihen — to enfranchise (someone)


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