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vicuña (plural vicuñas)

  1. Alternative form of vicuna
    • 2009, J. C. Wheeler, J. Laker, The Vicuña in the Andean Altiplano, Iain J. Gordon (editor), The Vicuña, Springer, page 27,
      It has been suggested that harvesting reduces the pressure for illegal hunting by providing communities that benefit from vicuña management with incentives to protect the animals over which they have rights.
    • 2009, Jason Wilson, The Andes: A Cultural History, page 12,
      Vicuña hide was so precious that by the early 1930s, these animals—wild relatives of the llama and alpaca—were threatened with extinction, according to Tschiffely [] .
    • 2010, Neil Edward Schlecht, Frommer′s Peru, page 335,
      Vicuñas are the smallest members of the camelid family, as well as the most prized and endangered.



Borrowed from Quechua wik'uña.



vicuña f (plural vicuñas)

  1. vicuna