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From Medieval Latin vindicābilis.


  • IPA(key): /ˈvɪndɪkəbl̩/


vindicable (comparative more vindicable, superlative most vindicable)

  1. able to be vindicated; justifiable
    • 1852, John West, The History of Tasmania, Volume II (of 2)[1]:
      The extreme pains taken to reconcile the unfortunate beings to their lot; the assiduity of the clergy to make up, by the assurance of divine mercy, the inexorable fate which awaited them; proved that these awful slaughters were onerous to the colonial conscience, and vindicable only as the last resort of the last necessity.
    • 1903, James Morris Whiton, Miracles and Supernatural Religion[2]:
      The elimination of the indefensible, the setting aside of the legendary, the transference of the supposedly miraculous to the order of natural powers and processes so far as vindicable ground for such critical treatment is discovered, is the only way to answer the first of all questions concerning the Bible: How much of this is credible history?