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From vingrs (firm, fit, agile, flexible) +‎ -ums.


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vingrums m (1st declension)

  1. firmness, fitness, agility, flexibility
    jaunas vingrotājas grācija, vingrums un meistarība iejūsmināja čempionāta dalībniekusthe young (female) gymnast's grace, fitness and skill delighted the championship participants
    vīrs pāris mēnešos kļuvis gluži bāls, un gaitā tam vairs nav iepriekšējā vingrumathe man had in a couple of months become really pale, and in his walk there no longer was the former agility
    no rīta patīkami ieelpot tīro gaisu tajos 200 metros, kas līdz autobusa pieturai... tad soļos vingrums, un Regīna jūtas spēka pilnain the morning it is pleasant to breathe in clean air in those 200 meters that lead to the bus stop... then (there is) agility in (her) steps, and Regīna felt full of strength


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