vitam impendere vero

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Famously formulated by the 1st–2nd-century Roman poet Juvenal; vītam ‎(to life), accusative singular form of vīta ‎(life) + impendere ‎(to devote), present active infinitive form of impendō ‎(I devote) + vērō ‎(to truth), dative singular form of vērum ‎(reality”, “fact”, “truth).


vītam impendere vērō

  1. to devote one’s life to truth
    • Juvenal ([1])
      Ille igitur nunquam direxit brachia contra // Torrentem; nec civis erat, qui libera posset // Verba animi proferre, et vitam impendere vero.
      He never was that citizen who would attempt to swim against the torrent; who would freely deliver his opinion, and devote his life for the truth.

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