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West Frisian[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *wesaną, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂wes-. Compare North Frisian weese, Dutch wezen, Low German wesen.



  1. To be (not used to form passive voice)
  2. Used as an auxiliary verb for verbs which indicate change or movement. For example, "Ik bin gien" means "I have gone", but literally translates to "I am gone.


Infinitive: wêze
Present tense Past tense
person singular plural singular plural
1st ik bin wy binne ik wie wy wienen
2nd do/dû bist jimme binne do/dû wiest jimme wienen
3rd hy/sy is hja binne hy/sy wie hja wienen
Present participle Imperative Auxiliary Past participle
wêzend (wêzende) wês hawwe west