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wackadoo ‎(comparative more wackadoo, superlative most wackadoo)

  1. (slang) Crazy, wacky.
    • 1992, Barbara Dillon, Paul Casale, My Stepfather Shrank!
      See, it was these wackadoo inventions that finally got to me. That's why I asked for the trial separation.
    • 2005, Judith Ryan Hendricks, The Baker's Apprentice
      "Betty's driving me wackadoo." "Betty?" I puzzle, stepping out the door behind her. "The wicked stepmother. Betty Crocker."
    • 2006, Jo-Ann Mapson, The Owl and Moon Cafe
      Grandmothers go wackadoo over handmade cards. She'll be so happy she'll give you more money on your next birthday.


wackadoo ‎(plural wackadoos)

  1. (slang) A crazy person, a wacko.
    • 1987, Geoffrey Wolff, Providence
      Still, she felt like a wackadoo sometimes, even if she knew she was too hard on herself; she should cut herself some slack.
    • 1994, James Elliott, Cold, Cold Heart
      "If you know anything about the wackadoo who cut that girl up, I want to hear it. I'll be inside," he said, and walked away.