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walled garden (plural walled gardens)

  1. A garden enclosed by walls for purposes of shelter or decoration.
    • 1912, Joseph Conrad, A Smile of Fortune:
      The walled garden full of shadows blazed with colour as if the flowers were giving up the light absorbed during the day.
  2. (Internet, media) A closed set of information services provided to members only.
    • 2007, Wes Simpson & Howard Greenfield, IPTV and Internet video, ISBN 0240809548, page 39:
      AOL tried to provide a walled garden for all their subscribers in the early 1990s.
  3. (Internet) A set of webpages or other resources that are richly interlinked and share a common focus, but have little or no linkage to or from the larger network.
    • 2007, Michael A. Banks, Blogging Heroes, ISBN 0470197390, page 52:
      Link love is reciprocal; if you provide it liberally, it comes back to you. If you don't, you'll turn into your own walled garden.