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From Middle English washen, ywashen(washed, past participle of washen(to wash)), from Old English wascen, ġewascen(washed, past participle of wascan(to wash)), equivalent to wash +‎ -en. Cognate with Dutch gewassen(washed, washen), German gewaschen(washed, washen). More at wash.



  1. (archaic) Alternative past participle of wash.
    • (Can we date this quote?), John Splendid, The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn
      I've had my chance of common life, city and town, and the company of ladies with broidery and camisole and washen faces
    • (Can we date this quote?), The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning
      Are ye made clean and washen from the guilt of your sins?


washen ‎(comparative more washen, superlative most washen)

  1. (archaic) clean
    • 1926, Sir Robert Chalmers, “Further dialogues of the Buddha”, in Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica, volume 1, number 44-45:
      He becomes washen by washing away evil and wrong states.
    • 1975, Neil Miller Gunn, Morning tide:
      Morag put on a third petticoat, of a more washen red than the second, but this one would not fix without its safety-pin.