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From Middle English werynes, werinesse, from Old English wēriġness (weariness), equivalent to weary +‎ -ness.



weariness (usually uncountable, plural wearinesses)

  1. Exhaustion, fatigue or tiredness.
    • 1885–1888, Richard F[rancis] Burton, transl. and editor, Supplemental Nights to the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night [], volume (please specify the volume), Shammar edition, [London]: [] Burton Club [], OCLC 939632161:
      Now when he had reached the King's capital wherein was Alaeddin, he alighted at one of the Kháns; and, when he had rested from the weariness of wayfare, he donned his dress and went down to wander about the streets, where he never passed a group without hearing them prate about the pavilion and its grandeur and vaunt the beauty of Alaeddin and his lovesomeness, his liberality and generosity, his fine manners and his good morals.
  2. A lack of interest or excitement.