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Alternative forms[edit]


west +‎ side



westside (plural westsides)

  1. The western side of a building, street, area etc.
    • 1981, United States. Bureau of Land Management. Oregon State Office, Westside Salem sustained yield units ten-year timber management plan[1]:
      This EIS describes and analyzes the environmental impacts of implementing an updated 10-year timber management plan for the 244,059 acres of public land in the Columbia and Alsea-Rickreall Sustained Yield Units on the westside of the Salem District, Oregon.
    • 1992, S. C. Bakhuizen, A Greek City of the Fourth Century B.C.[2], page 225:
      At Olynthos, all habitation-blocks are oriented east-west so that the houses share partition walls on the east- and westsides.
    • 2011, Julie Young, The Cyo in Indianapolis and Central Indiana[3], page 219:
      We also joined with another Senior CYO group from the westside, and that just made us even bigger.


Related terms[edit]