what hath God wrought

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Archaic form of the question, "what has God done?", from the Bible, King James Version (Numbers 23:23).


what hath God wrought

  1. (archaic) An expression of wonder and marvel at something.
    • 1855, Thomas Raffles, A Burning and A Shining Light, page 151:
      A divine unction evidently attended his ministry, and such were the effects produced, that every beholder, with astonishment and admiration, cried "what hath God wrought!"
    • 1925, Donald Ogden Stewart, The Crazy Fool, page 224:
      "Oh, my God !" he cried. "He's invented photography." "What hath God wrought?" said the old man, trying to get up.
    • 1969, Paul W. Glad, The Process of American History: Early America, page 84:
      Surely of this work, and of this time, it shall be said, what hath God wrought!
    • 1987, Edward Fischer, Notre Dame Remembered: An Autobiography, page 173:
      When Frank put the receiver to his ear, a sepulchral voice asked, "What hath God wrought?"
    • 2011, A. W. Tozer, ‎James L. Snyder, A Disruptive Faith: Expect God to Interrupt Your Life, p. 186:
      The rich man got up, called off the suit and everybody said, “What hath God wrought?”