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A wheelie bin in the United Kingdom

Alternative forms[edit]


From wheelie, presumably as a variant of wheely (wheeled) +‎ -ie, and bin.


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wheelie bin (plural wheelie bins)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, Britain) An outdoor rubbish bin on wheels for easier movability.
    • 1999, David Rudlin, Nicholas Falk, Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood, Elsevier, UK, page 95,
      Instead we switched from dustbins to wheelie bins which required equally significant investment in new bins and refuse vehicles. However because the wheelie bins were larger and easier to collect they actually increased the volume of unsegregated waste.
    • 2005, John Chalmers, Byron Bay Taxis And Lunacies, page 85,
      You see the occasional frustrated libidinous lunatics walking along Johnson Street kickboxing at the wheelie bins and spreading the contents all over the road.
    • 2009, James Kirby, Rod Myer, Richard Pratt: One Out of the Box: The Secrets of an Australian Billionaire, page 49,
      It collects waste materials, including paper, glass, plastics and metals, in the blue-topped recycling wheelie bins from more than two million households each week.
    • 2011, Peter Beresford, Jennie Fleming, Catherone Bewley, Michael Glynn, Suzy Croft, Supporting People: Towards a Person-Centred Approach, The Policy Press, UK, page 271,
      She likes to go into town using her wheelchair. It can be difficult when people leave their wheelie bins out on the pavement and she has to go into the road to get past.
    • 2012, John Bryant, Great Australian Ute Stories, HarperCollins Australia, unnumbered page,
      The next Monday afternoon Daryl hooked his wheelie bin onto the ute′s tow bar. He was just about to tow it up the driveway when Doris yelled out, telling him to go to the shops and grab some milk. With his wheelie bin in tow Daryl set off.